A five minute video covering Morecambe Bay vanguard who have undertaken whole system change to create an integrated care community.

Bolton gp

Primary Care Federations throughout the UK are divers and all offer a unique approach to delivering excellent patient care.  This article covers two case studies from Bolton GP Federation and Improving Health Ltd to highlight different approaches and organisation.

Carol Read RN/MSc

Don Berwick

Professor Don Berwick, international health expert, talks about integrating care in the NHS

A 5 minute video highlighting key networks within this new care model.

Link to video


Primary Care Federations are now accepted as the new form of collaboration between practices. This 10 minute blog explores how Federations can function as clubs or networks and provides links to other resources within the source4networks platform.


On Wednesday 13 January 2016, the NHS SI Networks team held a NetWorkout. Resources from the event, background reading and useful links have been collated to support others network leadership roles.

Spotlight on series

Danny Ryan 

National Medical Director’s Clinical Fellow, Kaleidoscope Health & Care and President Elect, Federation of Orthopaedic Trainees in Europe (FORTE)

Against the odds

This report from the Innovation Unit and the Health Foundation calls for new approaches to scaling tried and tested health care innovations. It highlights the need to create the right conditions to spread these successfully across the NHS.

Network leadership story

Case Study: North West Boroughs Learning Disabilities Clinical Network. All resources available now

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