Inter-organizational networks

Popp, J. et. Al. 2014

Anne Cooper on Social Media

Anne Cooper RN and Patient Leader

In autumn 2011, we launched an improvement programme to support networks in health care. We linked the selected networks with a faculty of experts, and with each other, to provide an exchange of ideas, advice, support and training in network leadership and development.

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Using communications approaches to spread improvement

Spreading successful improvement work across the NHS is an essential part of improving health care quality and efficiency. Yet all too often an idea that has been shown to work well in one place is not adopted by others who could benefit from it.

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Wakefield Vanguards

A short video highlighting the networks at Wakefield Vanguards

Carol Read RN/MSc

Better Care Together Vanguard

Better Care Together Vanguard case study

Carol Read RN/MSc

Improve Care Now

ImproveCareNow network case study

Carol Read RN/MSc

Finance and Clinical Educator Network

Finance and Clinical Educator Network case study

Carol Read RN/MSc

Co-creation Hub Nigeria

Case study on the Cc Hub is a social innovation centre in Nigeria.

Carol Read RN/MSc

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