The research study examines key processes and supportive and inhibiting factors involved in the development, evolution and sustainability of a child health network in rural Canada.  Findings from the paper contribute to understanding of inter-organisational and cross-sectoral health networks.  It is recommended reading in full to support the blog on ransformational change, integrative leadership and international networks.

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Research article

Mylaine Breton et al. 2013

Over the past decade in the province of Quebec, Canada, the government has initiated two consecutive reforms.  These have created a new type of primary healthcare - Family medical groups (FMGs) and Local healthcare networks (LHNs) across the province.  This paper analyzes the impact of the reforms and findings are shared.  Review of this research is recomended in conjunction with the June blog on Transformational change, Integrative leadership and International networks.

Study article

Chris Silvia and Michael McGuire - 2010 - The Leadership Quarterly

The article was one of the first studies of integrative leadership behaviour.  It raises important differences in the behaviour of leaders in public sector agencies and in networks with an international perspective.  We recomend review of the paper in conjunction with the June blog on Transformational change, Integrative leadership and International networks. 

Focal point webinar
  Event date: Sunday, 09th Sep, 2018
  Start time: 23:00  
  End Date: 01 Nov 2018

A Spark summary collated by Q members on the discussions around network leadership.

Securing quality improvement and transformational change at scale through networks   

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Network leadership webinar series 2017

Masterclass webinar series: Leading networks for sustainable change

A series of online events for current and aspiring network leaders and enthusiasts, helping you to tap into expertise and practical tools and to build connections to support your network improvement journey.  Comprehensive resources from the 2017 webinar series, including all webinar recordings, presentation slides and transcripts.  A great introduction to the network leadership platform.  

Leading Large Scale Change

New e book from NHSE Sustainable Improvement Team and the Horizons Team

Federation toolkit

Developed by The King's Fund in partnership with the RCGP, the Nuffield Trust and Hempsons Solicitors, this toolkit provides advice and support to practitioners and managers in primary care.  


A five minute video covering Morecambe Bay vanguard who have undertaken whole system change to create an integrated care community.

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