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A monthly 'digest' of what's new on the S4N platform, from practical tools, events and case studies, to insights from thought leaders.

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Pinnacle Midlands Health Network is a New Zealand primary health care innovator and development company working on behalf of Pinnacle Incorporated. The company supports the sustainability and further development of leading edge primary health care services. They exist in order for providers and clinicians to have the tools they need to deliver services that create the very best health outcomes for their patients.

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Transformational change

Carol Read RN/MSc

Healthcare systems worldwide are striving to provide patient pathways that deliver benefit, quality and contain costs. Networks are considered a way to manage care differently and work across existing boundaries.   A literature review was undertaken to identify key factors in Canada and USA research which could inform network practice in the UK.  


 A comprehensive review of primary care models in the NHS undertaken by the Health Service Journal reporter - Rebecca Thomas   

Paul Hodgkin, Louis Horsley and Ben Metz

The article covers a diverse range of online communities from patient forums to peer to peer support platforms.  It provides an excellent background read to the Network Leadership MOOC content and offers comprehensive advice for anyone intending to set up an online network.    

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General practice is percieved to be in crisis by major think tanks and change is needed. The new report from the King Fund looks at innovative models of general practice and identifies key features for designing effective GP services in the future.  Five attributes that underpin general practice: person-centred, holistic care; access; co-ordination; continuity and community focus are outlined. A useful report to provide insight into the enviroment where networks could be deployed.

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Jane Wei-Skillern 

Slideshare linked to the podcast on cultivating a network leader mindset.


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Jane Wei-Skillern

Based on 15 years of research on a range of successful networks, the podcast uses detailed case studies to illustrate research based principles and offers insights for leaders to ensure their collaborations can have an impact that is dramatically greater than the sum of the individual parts.

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Richard M.J. Bohmer

An international perspective on transformational change, which sets the context for networks to grow, thrive and deliver value.  It outlines that top-down approaches to health and care transformation focused on management-led governance & structural change rarely deliver the intended outcomes. Lasting transformation requires the relentless hard work of local operational redesign.  Networks are ideally placed to provide the structure required.

A ten minute read.


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