Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Network. Being inclusive, encouraging diversity and building network fitness across boundaries

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The Cumbria & Lancashire Non-medical Prescribing (NMP) Leads’ Network. The acclaimed Cumbria & Lancashire Non-medical Prescribing (NMP) Leads’ Network was established in 2004 and is one of three parts of the North West NMP Leads’ Network. The network was set up following a national directive from the Department of Health, which aimed for co-ordination across the regions. As a result, networks and network leads were established across England. The ultimate purpose of the network is to ensure that patients in the North West get access to their medication as seamlessly as possible, linking with the NHS’s medicines optimisation agenda.

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Rebecca Lemin – Manager of the South West Neonatal Operational Delivery Network.

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The Future-Focused Finance Network The Future-Focused Finance (FFF) Network was set up in 2014 to bring together finance and clinical professionals in an a way that had not been done before, so that they could work closely together, identify efficiencies and share understanding of each other’s worlds. The network is one of six strands of FFF – a national initiative that aims to ensure that everyone connected with NHS finance can influence decision making in support of high-quality patient services

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Mayo Clinic

Colleen Young BA

Mayo Clinic


Colleen Young - Community Director of Mayo Clinic Connect

Colleen is internationally recognized for her expertise in building online patient communities that thrive.

Additional information was collated from a discussion with Becky Malby and Carol Read

Doctor Susan Hamer - National Institute for Health Research

Video shared at the Q community network masterclass

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