Event date: Monday, 20th Jan, 2020
  Start time: 15:00  (Duration: 1 h)
  End Date: 20 Jan 2020

  Location: Webinar

Like a recipe, this webinar helps give you all the ingrediants you need for a Community of Practice. All resources are now published

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  Event date: Monday, 25th Nov, 2019
  Start time: 15:00  (Duration: 1 h)
  End Date: 25 Nov 2019

  Location: Webinar

Networks or Hierarchies? is the choice that straightforward? This webinar will help you with answering this question and more. All resource now available

 focal point event
  Event date: Monday, 19th Aug, 2019
  Start time: 14:00  
  End Date: 18 Aug 2019

  Location: Webinar

A webinar on using social media to build your networks. All resources are now published.

"Tackling chronic disease through an international, collaborative network" a case study 

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February 2020 Highlights

  Event date: Thursday, 05th Dec, 2019
  Start time: 13:36  
  End Date: 08 May 2021

Recording of the webinar in 25th Nov 2019 Comparing Networks and Hierarchies and whether the choice is that simple

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This podcast, the first in the Source4Networks Podcast series, features Tara Humphrey (Managing Director, THC Primary Care), interviewing Sophie Edwards (faculty member for the Primary Care Improvement Community (PCIC)), on the important subject of network governance

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For effective implementation in a complex organization such as a network in the health sector, some authors suggest a multi-level governance perspective which takes into account the complexity of steering collective action in a network whose partners include clinicians and non-clinicians, who are both autonomous and interdependent. At each level, governance practices focus on promoting the adaptation of service provision, managing relations among partners, developing knowledge through information, formulating a vision, fostering adherence to values and norms, and providing the monitoring and control needed to ensure the intended result, that is, integration, are achieved.

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Source4Networks Monthly Highlights for Aug 2019

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Source for Networks Monthly Highlights for June 

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