MAY 2020 - Securing resilience in network partners and members

A monthly resource list for May 2020 covering all content within the intelligence, blogs and case studies sections.

Carol Read RN/MSc

An overview of the diverse resources linked to securing resilience in network partners and members.  Focus in the area of resilience is particularly important as we develop responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and ensure our teams work safely now and as the situation changes from remote to a new normal.


COVID-19: Safety II in action

The heart of resilient leadership: Responding to COVID-19

The essence of resilient leadership

Working 9 - 5 - Mental health and the work life balance podcast

Building a resilient organisational culture

Case studies

Self-managed neighbourhood care in a global pandemic: how is Buurtzorg doing?

Project managing in a pandemic in primary care podcast

Resources for change toolkit


Redesigning Organisations For Positive Deviance

Why your team should be inextricably linked and fiercely independent

Leading through a Pandemic: Lessons for the NHS