12th November 2018 - 3pm-4pm

A webinar led by acclaimed change leader Dr Helen Bevan on the role that networks can play in delivering effective leadership in today’s health and care landscape.

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We are leaders in a  healthcare that is increasingly dynamic, fast moving and with so many complex dilemmas that there is often no “right” answer to the problems that we face. In this workshop, Helen Bevan will help us explore some of the latest ideas and approaches from leading practitioners of transformational change and leadership development across the globe. We will consider our own journeys as leaders from past, present to future and think about the practical implications and opportunities for our leadership roles in a world where the balance between “old power” (positional power and authority) and “new power” (networks and social movements) is shifting.

Full link to webinar can be found here

All the resources mentioned in the webinar can be found here: S4N_Focal_Point_Resources

Full slides can be found here