Case study on The England Centre for Practice Development (ECPD).

Carolyn Jackson - Director     

The England Centre for Practice Development is a unique national centre, part of an international collaborative for practice development, with a history of achievement in applied health research, practice development and innovation.  We are committed to transforming services so that they are person centered, safe and effective at the point of care driven by the needs of communities and the public. We run a range of innovative programmes that focus on transformation through embedded research, learning, development and improvement specifically linked to clinical and systems leadership, culture change, safety and quality as far afield as Australasia.

Our collaborative funded research and development programmes and core activities at regional, national, European and international level focus on:

  • Developing integrated whole systems approaches in health and social care across the health economy to deliver person centred, safe and effective care.
  • Multi-dimensional workforce development models that capture evidence of the complexity of care across different contexts for commissioning of future integrated services, workforce planning and skills mix.
  • Workplace programmes that develop holistic skills in the facilitation of learning, inquiry, practice development, quality and service improvement, and innovation to enhance the effectiveness of care at the frontline.
  • Supporting organisations to undertake impact evaluation of innovations at multiple levels, develop shared purpose frameworks, and co-produce collaborative frameworks, tools and frameworks that underpin whole systems change.
  • Creating a critical mass of transformational leaders at the frontline with culture change skills to underpin sustainable person centered workplaces that focus on wellbeing for all.

Network leadership and social media

The network is led and managed by Carolyn Jackson, Director of the ECPD.   We achieve our reach and impact through well-established strong partnerships with an extensive network of diverse collaborators internationally. These comprise Visiting Scholars, International Fellows and Partner Organisations.  A community of practice (practice developers and researchers) who are committed to working together to develop healthcare practice. The IPDC believes that the aim of practice development is to work with people to develop person-centred cultures that are dignified, compassionate and safer for all.

There are four pillars of work:

  1. International Practice Development Schools – five day residential schools at Foundation and Advanced Level.
  2. Online free access International Practice Development Journal
  3. International Enhancing Practice Conference every 2 years - next is 2018 in Basel, Switzerland 22-24 August.
  4. Research Symposia and events

We are part of national campaigns associated with FABAmbassadors, WHISAmbassadors, HARTSofthepossible and WhyWeDoResearch, as well as sharing additional content and networks through @EC4PD, @ECPDCarolyn, @KimManley8, Facebook, YouTube , Wordpress and live events.

Network maturity and evaluation

Established in 2012, the centre is unique because of its integration of practice, research and learning from micro- to systems level offering both the theoretical and tested practical know-how of modelling systems transformation at all levels of the health economy. 

The Center reports to a National Advisory Board which meets twice a year in London comprising notable experts from policy, research, health and social care professions, government departments and experts by experience groups.  Evaluation takes place within the team and with an international expert advisory group to ensure that shared content is relevant and delivers added value for our network partners.  We are also widely involved in large scale multi-sited realistic evaluation studies with partner countries in a number of specialist fields.

 Carolyn Jackson - Director England Centre for Practice Development