Colleen Young - Community Director of Mayo Clinic Connect

Colleen is internationally recognized for her expertise in building online patient communities that thrive.

Additional information was collated from a discussion with Becky Malby and Carol Read

Colleen met with Becky and I via a skype call to discuss online community management.  We gained so many insights on the topic that our plan is to share these with you through a short 'spotlight on' piece, videos and collaborate on a joint blog later in the year.  The blog will cover key themes on community management from the UK and International platforms.

Colleen shared these great tips on community management :-

  • Get people talking
  • Initiate ice-breaker conversations
  • Ensure every new post gets a response
  • Improve response velocity
  • Ask questions
  • Connect members
  • Demonstrate value

Additional tips are included in her blog.

Recomended resources include a journal article, Stanford med X video and periscope video on community management from a patient and clinician's perspective. (note the periscope video will only work in certain browsers).

Finally, Colleen has taken the time to write an extended piece based on her experiences especially for our network leaders - Is your online community a ghost town?  Lots of great advice relevent for any network in health and care.

The following bio covers Colleen's work to date and her contact details       

Community Director, Mayo Clinic Connect and is internationally recognized for her expertise in building online health communities that thrive. In 2012, Colleen was awarded the Journal of Medical Internet Research Award at the Medicine 2.0 Congress at Harvard University for her leadership in developing best practices for building online communities. She frequently speaks and writes about the impact of social web in health and health care, including presenting at Stanford Medicine X 2014 and 2015, at Mayo Clinic Social Media Summit 2015 and 2016, and Mayo in Oz, Melbourne Australia.

Twitter: @colleen_young