Tracy Broom

Tracy Broom - Associate Director Wessex Academic Health Science Network & Q member

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Tracy Broom is our first network leader in our Spotlight on series.  She shares her perspective on a key theme of building a network.   

Building a Q regional improvers network in Wessex

As part of the Wessex Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) I am in the privileged position of working with many improvers across Wessex. The PSCs main aim is to improve patient safety capability using Quality Improvement. Having worked on topic specific programmes (such as sepsis and deterioration) we have now moved towards more cross cutting themes (such as culture and connecting) and building new networks has been an integral part of this. The PSC team has supported many Wessex wide networks to develop – the Community of Safety and Improvement Practice (CSIP), the Maternal Medicine Network, Wessex Qs, the Emergency Department Network, the Maternity Community, the Emergency Surgery Network and the Deterioration/Sepsis Network.

We feel networks provide the brief time out needed to stop, regroup and think together; to find a shared vision, to plan the actions, to engage staff. They also facilitate connection across the region, peer support, shared learning, reduction of duplication and encourage standardisation. So whilst the focus of this piece is the Wessex Q network my top tips have been drawn from experience across many networks, all slightly different in structure but pretty similar in aim and challenge. 

10 handy hints

  1. Start with a shared vision.  It sometimes assumed we all know the direction of travel; have that conversation.
  2. Be inclusive and forget organisational hierarchy.
  3. Be effective; every network contact should deliver a benefit however small.
  4. Use champions who are motivated to engage others.
  5. Go with the flow; if the network has a specific interest, scratch that itch.
  6. Have regular contact to maintain momentum.
  7. Shout about the successes however small; use graphics whenever possible.
  8. Remember it takes a while to get the boulder moving but once its moving it gets easier.
  9. Value all members, respect their pace and thoughts; we are all individuals who bring something different to the table.
  10. Lead by example; smile, engage, share, listen.
  11. Deeply listen, don't just wait for your turn to speak; we are all leaders in the network.

Book or other useful media recommendation 

The Q Community website

Community Pay it forward 

Tracy has recommended Geoff Cooper as the next guest interviewee for the spotlight on series.  Geoff has set up a sepsis and deterioration network in Wessex with Dr Matt Inada - Kim. 

Tracy is an alumni of the network leadership programme, member of Q and Associate Director of the Patient Safety Collaborative Wessex Academic Health Science Network.

Tracy Broom

Twitter @tracypsc