July 2022 - Spotlight on the latest thinking for network leaders

This month's blog reviews a mix of resources to provide current knowledge and insight into Equality and Diversity in networks.

30 minute read

Carol Read RN

We are starting on our journey at London South Bank University exploring how to improve networks through more diversity and equality.  This is a complex subject and we wanted to offer support to other networks through a mix of unique resources and discussion.  In July as a diverse team, we started to explore a primer document (1) that covers complex systems science and systemic racism and suggest this as your first read to introduce the topic.  The primer and following resources (2 - 5) were recommended as a good starting point on this subject.  We would be interested in your thoughts and how you are developing networks with diversity and equality.  If you have case studies to share they would be welcome too.

On a practical note resources (6 -8) provide additional learning insight and valuable tools to incorporate diversity and equality in your network.

Our aim going forward is to share our learning as a diverse team and network of individuals from health and social care in co-production with individuals who have patient and carers experience. 

Note a few of the resources require a University or Library log-in.


Primer resources

  1. MSLA.  2022.  Complex Systems Science and Systemic Racism.  Michigan University. USA.
  2. Gordon, D.  2007.  Control without hierarchy.  Nature.  USA.
  3. Anderson, P.  1972.  More is different.  Science. USA.
  4. Poeat, T.  2020. Understanding COVID-19 risks and vulnerabilities among black communities in America:  the lethal force of syndemics.  London.  Science Direct.
  5. Baldassarri, D. et al.  2020.  Diversity and Prosocial behaviour.  USA. Science.   
  6. Humphrey, T.  2020.  How to overcome objections in your Primary Care Network.  UK.  The Business of Healthcare.
  7. Chauhan, K. et al.  2022.  How can we develop professionally diverse leadership in Primary Care?  London.  Kings Fund.
  8. HALN.  2022.  What have we learned from our learning network?  London.  HALN.

Practical resources

Humphries, T.  2022.  How to overcome objections in your Primary Care Network The Business of Healthcare Podcast.