NOVEMBER 2021 - Spotlight on the latest thinking for network leaders

This month's blog reviews a mix of resources to support building resilience and compassionate leadership in Health and Social care networks.

10 - 20 minute read

Carol Read RN/MSc

The impact from COVID-19 has been and continues to be significant across all aspects of people’s lives. The past year has been particularly challenging for health and care workers, who are experiencing unprecedented strain from the impact of the virus. It’s important that like, the general public, they also look after themselves during this time and seek support if needed.  The article by Peake (7) explores why social burnout is having such an impact and is a helpful read at this time.  Network leaders have a tough job to do making sure that the purpose of the network is clear and resetting the roadmap for the future alongside changes such as integrated care systems (5). 

Coming up to the end of the year it is worth taking time out to understand how you can incorporate kindness and compassion into your network and make learning part of your daily routine (8) (3).  The Kings Fund have produced good thought leadership and insightful comment on compassionate leadership exploring how this fits into the changes happening in our sector  (1,2,3,).  This is a constantly moving feat, therefore it is helpful to see that there is an accompanying e-learning programme (4) that can be accessed and worked on at your own pace.  It would be a good way to introduce the concept and promote discussion to use the free course in your network. 

Finally, as a network leader, it can feel that you are on your own and there is nowhere for you to obtain support, compassion and learning.  That's why we are pleased to have run our first LSBU successful programme for network leaders to gain a mix of knowledge, experience and peer support and have a new programme running early in 2022 (6).  If you want to join the waiting list or find out more check out this link.

Monthly Resources

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