OCTOBER 2021 - Spotlight on the latest thinking for network leaders

This month's blog reviews case studies and reports from Integrated Care Systems in the UK and Internationally to identify a way forward for network leaders post covid-19.

Carol Read RN/MSc

We are moving towards the end of 2021, a year that has challenged everyone working in Health and Social Care.  This blog has looked at a range of topics during this time to support network leaders' practice and professional development.  Going forward in November and December our aim is to look at how you can build resilience in your network and add quality improvement with productivity in your road map to network success.

Each month we highlight learning programmes that can aid your personal and professional development linked to network leadership (1,2,).  Have a look at both programmes and see whether they would be useful for you or your team going forward.  The school starts in November and the waiting list is ready for you to join with the network leadership programme starting in the new year.  Plenty of time to add these approaches to your personal development plan.

We have given the resources an international flavour this month with the excellent case study series from the Kings Fund that highlights integrated care systems from New York, Alaska and Denmark (5,7,9,).  Each case study showcase specific learning that can be applied here in the UK to improve our practice and care for patients/clients.

It is always difficult to find resources that highlight a range of health and social care roles within integrated care as we are at an early stage of the process.  Hopefully, as the sector develops into ICS as normal practice in the UK, there will be more case studies and research available to share with you.  This month we have shared a report from the NHS Confederation (6) on working collaboratively in an ICS from a pharmacy perspective, Public health (3) and a review from the Kings Fund (4) on what's working to date.

Finally, we have taken an extract from a key book on network weaving to show how this can support transformational change.

As always please share any network resources that have been helpful to you or case studies that show how your network has been successful.   Contact us through the platform or .


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