SEPTEMBER 2021 - Spotlight on the latest thinking for network leaders

This month's blog reviews case studies and reports from Primary Care to identify a way forward for network leaders post covid-19.

Carol Read RN/MSc

There is a lot of focus on primary care at the moment, both positive and negative.  It can feel that as a primary care network leader you are in the eye of the storm - leading change at pace without a safety net.

Through the source 4 networks blog in September the aim is to highlight useful resources that give you:-

  • Current thinking developed during the pandemic by established thought leaders.
  • Case studies from individuals in the healthcare system
  • Historical background which underpinned Primary Care Networks. 

This will then enable you to consider the best route to take for your network as we move forward post-pandemic.

Guided approaches

  • London South Bank University is running a comprehensive network leadership programme where you can explore current thinking, test out new approaches and share learning in a community of practice with peers across the healthcare system.  The link to more details and registration for the waiting list can be found here. 
  • The NHSE School for Change Agents offers resources and insight on leading transformational change and you can sign up now ahead of the start date of 15th November 2021.

To widen the scope of the resources internationally there is an article from Australia which looks at what primary care could look like after the pandemic (1).  It is useful to see the parallels with primary care in the UK, a common factor being strong network leadership can make change happen quickly.  We have previously covered in the Learning Space, key factors that will make sure your network works well such as purpose, building trust and showing impact and value.  Further insight is provided through a blog (2) citing evidence from clinical directors on where to start with primary care networks, the role of anchor institutes (3), an evaluation study (7), report (8) and comment by BMJ (9) on the challenges ahead.

Finally, to underpin the thought leadership and evaluation in the previous paragraph we have provided a selection of NHSE resources drawn from case studies throughout the health care system (4,5,6,).  This provides a practical view of how different networks have worked together to deliver care that is inspirational and values-led, during a period of intense complexity and change.

If you have found this blog useful it would be great to hear about new network leadership topics you would find helpful going forward.  Contact me through the website or via .

Monthly Resources

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