AUGUST 2021 - Spotlight on the latest thinking for network leaders

This month's resources blog aims to support the LSBU Leading Networks in Health and Social Care Programme and individuals who are looking to manage the complexity of leading networks successfully. 

Carol Read RN/MSc

Collaboration through networks is needed if the NHS and Social Care are going to meet people’s complex needs, and learn together. There has been a rapid rise in types of networks - clinical networks, Primary Care Networks, Integrated Care Systems as well as quality collaboratives and learning networks such as communities of practice. 

The Leading Networks in Health and Care e-learning programme has been set up to develop and support network leaders manage this complexity by sharing good practice and research.  During this programme you will also be part of a unique community of practice where you can explore practical issues and understand the background to a range of diverse networks.  The first cohort are currently completing the programme and this blog will share case studies and insight from this group in the coming months.  To find out more and join the waiting list contact LSBU Leading Networks in Health and Care Programme.   

The monthly resources for August 2021 cover a mix of topics designed to both challenge and provide well-developed thought leadership and insight that leaders can apply at a local level and become more aware of national policies that inform practice.  To lead you through the resources we suggest that you start with a blend of webinars, podcasts, intelligence and a blog (1,2,6,7,8).  These can be used as CPD or as a way to promote discussion at your network meetings. 

For a more in-depth way to develop your network you could consider using social network analysis (3,5), examples of this have been provided by Digital Promise and The Health Foundation.  Finally, remote working is now common place across the health sector due to Covid restrictions and The Kings Fund (4) have developed a helpful toolkit that shares good practice.

We would be interested in finding out what topics would be useful for you in future blogs to support your network leadership practice.  Sign up and contact us through the website to share your thoughts.

Monthly Resources

  1. Malby, B.  2021.  Networks for Universal Healthcare.  Webinar.  Healthcare Improvement. Scotland.
  2. Dellal, G.  2021.  Six lessons in network leadership.  Kaleidoscope Health and Care.  London.
  3. Digital Promise.  2021.  Planning a social network analysis.  Digital Promise.  London.
  4. Kings Fund.  2021.  Remote working toolkit for general practice and primary care networks.  Kings Fund. London.
  5. Hill, M.  2021.  Mapping Q: Social network analysis pilots, pitfalls and potential. Q Community.  The Health Foundation.  London. 
  6. Ibarra, H. and Hunter, M. 2007.  How leaders create and use networks  Harvard Business Review.
  7. NHSE.  2021.  Integrated Care Podcast series.  NHSE.  London.
  8. Thorstensen-Woll, C.  Wellings, D. Crump, H. and Graham, C.  2021.  Understanding integration: how to listen to and learn from people and communities. Kings Fund. London.