FEBRUARY 2021 - Spotlight on learning as a network during a pandemic

The second blog of the year, challenging you to explore new ways of supporting your network purpose using design principles and empathy.

Carol Read RN/MSc

If 2020 was the year of radical change within the health and care sector, why not make 2021 the year of radical reimagining your network?   

Back in January the Source4Networks blog covered taking time out to reflect and plan for the future of your network by providing an overview of the current situation in the pandemic and drawing on a range of resources from the Source4Network platform to provide structure for planning change and network learning.  

This month the resources are focussed slightly differently around the theme of design thinking or human centred design to help you reimagine the future of your network or service.  

Thought leadership from Professor Becky Malby, Helen Bevan and Goran Henriks provides a view on the micro and macro healthcare system in the UK and Internationally during the pandemic.  The challenge highlighted from both these pieces is that leaders need to think about what happened in the past year and how we can move forward to imagine the future.  

Malby (2021) links back to Primary Care Networks  with 3 priorities for Integrated Health Systems that will ensure the NHS and the people that work in it can proactively, purposefully and hopefully take the next steps.  This is important as both staff and patients are deeply impacted by CV19 and resources have to be focussed in an effective way to meet demands on the system whether this be connecting with networks to understand requirements to supporting staff through Schwartz rounds or similar caring approaches.  

Bevan and Henriks (2021) build on the research started in 2013 to develop healthcare design principles and look to provide a step by step blog on  transformational change by adopting simple rules developed with the healthcare community and drawing on other principles and choices suggested by Berwick (2020)

2020 made us work in different ways, almost overnight.  We had to adopt new rituals, rules and structures in our networks and this mirrored the wider transformational shift in health and social care happening on a daily basis globally (1,2,3,4,8).  Therefore, the use of design thinking (5,6,7,10) and thought leadership (1,11) enables us to reimagine a new way of network leadership from 2021 by listening to others, using empathy and co-creating a new direction. 

In the next blog we will follow up on more thought leadership and resources to support your reimagined network using design principles and empathy.   

Februrary Resources

  1. What now? This...
  2. Stories from social care leadership.
  3. Making decisions in different circumstances.
  4. Choices for the 'new normal'
  5. Design thinking for networks.
  6. 5 stages in the design thinking process.
  7. What is system design.
  8. How have integrated care systems responded to Covid-19?
  9. Simple rules.
  10. What is systems design?
  11. Creating tomorrow today