JANUARY 2021 - Spotlight on learning as a network during a pandemic

The first blog of the year supporting Network Leadership, with key resources for your 2021 network learning plan.

Carol Read RN/MSc

In my December blog (1) I covered how to build strong foundations and momentum for 2021 with your network, by providing a range of resources which could be used for your network learning plan this year.  The blog theme is continued into January with a more structured approach around the following topics -

  1. Keeping connected
  2. Building common purpose that binds
  3. Governance
  4. Impact and Value

To support your learning further as a network leader, I have pulled together current content from the Source4Network platform and learning resources pages into this blog to provide a structure which can be adapted for meetings or journal clubs you may run in 2021. Take one or several of the resources to discuss in your network.

Keeping connected -  2020 saw networks and teams develop a new way of working overnight to adapt practice and provide safe environments for delivering professional services and support.  As we reflect on this experience it is worth considering what positive changes to keep and what no longer serves your network.  The December blog (1) covers great resources on exploring this area and understanding what 'Back to Better' will mean long term.  There are also several resources that provide practical tips and tools on how to keep connected within the following resources in this blog (1, 4, 5,6,7,8,9, 11, 12,15). 

Building common purpose that binds - Following on from your discussions on connection it may well be time to set a new direction or north star for your network by using the tools on the Source4Networks diagnostics page - if you have questions the network week is the time to connect with the team to resolve any issues.  Additional resources (1,3,7,13) will provide deeper insight to support your discussions as a network in meetings and learning sessions.

Governance - In my June 2020 blog I reviewed how we manage networks in times of transitional change.   This included a range of resources on governance and shared accountability.  There are major changes happening during the pandemic, as existing approaches to care move towards a revised intergrated care model as outlined in the latest Integrated Care Report from NHSE.  Professor Malby provides a current case study approach to governance through her lessons for the NHS series (2) with more insight to support this can be found within the learning resources page (14).                

Impact and Value - One of the key aspects of reflection and planning is to ensure that your network value and impact are clear.   A good resource to ensure you are on track with this is to visit the Learning Resources page (16).  Alternatively look to understand areas where you may have immunity to change (7, 8),plan utilising the Q learning report (4) and consider areas to improve communication, trust and leadership (6,9,11,12). 

Finally there are two free webinars coming up in January and March which you may wish to register for and put the dates in your diary (5-6).   

December resources overview

Building strong foundations and momentum for 2021


January resources

Leading through the pandemic - Lessons for the NHS 

Building common purpose

Q Learning Report

5  Virtual Unconference 

The keys to persuasive visual storytelling

The suprising reason we don't keep our resolutions (and how to overcome it)

Overwork isn't working

A leader’s guide: Communicating with teams, stakeholders, and communities during COVID-19

10 Developing corporate purpose

11 What good leadership looks like

12 Building and sustaining trust in times of uncertainty 

Source4Network Learning resources section

13 Developing network purpose

14 Governance in networks

15 Engagement, participation and collaboration in networks

16 Demonstrating impact and value