JUNE 2020 - Governance and shared accountability

The third blog in a series for leaders providing practical steps and resources to build governance and shared accountability within networks.

Carol Read RN/MSc

The blog series to date has focussed on providing clarity in times of uncertainty.  This month the health and social care system resets to a new normal after a period of lockdown.  The pace has been relentless for staff managing the COVID-19 pandemic in parallel with supporting other services that still need to function.  Last month covered resources to be adaptive and resilient as a leader drawn from research and practical case studies and podcasts.  

This month we look at governance and shared accountability in networks, Malby (2020) collates the latest thinking on the topic within our learning space pages for additional reading on this topic.   One framework that stands out is by Provan and Kenis (2008) who consider that the choice of network governance model depends on the starting conditions in relation to:

Trust (connectedness)
Size (complexity/ connections)
Goal consensus, joint action and motivation, (agreements)
Leadership and commitment (bringing members together)
Embeddedness (in it together)
Diversity (or participants, interests and goals)

Throughout the learning space pages and the diagnostics pages you can find out more about each section and establish your network maturity with our useful tools and questionaires.  It is a good time now to refresh your understanding of your networks purpose and use the framework by Provan and Keris (2008) to establish the right governance model for you and the current uncertain time in health and social care.

Finally, the diagnostics page and community page are available to support your discussions with colleagues across the system and planning for network partners and members. Revisit your networks purpose - is it still the same or has it evolved to meet the changing circumstances? Constable (2020) provides an overview of the topic within the Source4Networks learning space.  

The following resources are curated below for your use this month.


Now's the time to hone your moral decision-making skills - Podcast 

National Inquiry into ethical decision making in the NHS

How to communicate effectively in times of uncertainty

How centred leaders achieve extraordinary results

Case studies

Case study - Guys and St Thomas's Foundation Trust


Leading through a Pandemic: Lessons for the NHS

Leading networks - Top tips

Modern governance - not just for the good times