MAY 2020 - Securing resilience in network partners and members

The second blog in a series for leaders providing practical steps and resources to build resilience within their networks.

Carol Read RN/MSc

Last month my regular blog spot covered how you could develop and review your networks in a brave new world.  As we start to see a flattening of the COVID-19 curve and restrictions gently eased, it is time to make use of the knowledge gained from talking with your network.  The resources from April can support your conversations with practical case studies and research.

The last few months have seen the health and social care landscape change radically, from practical steps such as remote working and social distancing to the better use of integrated care networks.  To people outside the healthcare system it may well look like things are going back to normal and that the pace of innovation within the sector has been incredible.  This change can at times seem overwhelming to people who are working in the system during a period of high emotions and uncertainty, therefore my blog this month explores how you can focus on resilience of your network and members.  

A good place to start is to look at the leadership that is emerging at this time from members of your team and people who have 'leader' in the job title.  Really consider the person and leader you want to be at this time within your network, how can you be a leader whatever your role?  Malby (2020) highlights through a series of interviews with leaders a way forward during a pandemic.  How to keep what matters and be clear on what you need to stop doing in your network.  Good leaders listen to understand and have a sense of what matters to others, according to Perry (2020) and White (2020.) 

The need to be an adaptive and resilient leader during a pandemic has never been so important to provide a place of safety for network partners and members.  Culture matters and this months content provides a mix of practical tools, case studies and intelligence for you to share with your network.  To make the resources practical to use in a range of settings I have included podcasts on mental health/work life balance and project management in primary care. 

Finally, the diagnostics page and community page are available to support your discussions with colleagues across the system and planning for network partners and members.  Revisit your networks purpose - is it still the same or has it evolved to meet the changing circumstances?  Constable (2020) provides an overview of the topic within the Source4Networks learning space.    

The blog in June will cover governance and shared accountability in networks with a range of curated content to support your network leadership.  It would be fantastic to hear how you have used the May content and blog in your network journey and if you have any additional resources that could be shared on the Source4Networks platform.       


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