Core Questionnaire
Core Questionnaire

Gain insight and understanding of the structure and function of your network using the Core Questionnaire.

Use the Core Questionnaire to:

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  1. Generate helpful outputs
  2. Share purpose and identity
  3. Address big issues
  4. Develop compelling purpose
  5. Meet member needs
  6. Adapted leadership
  7. Strengthen relationships and ties
Maturity Model
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Network Maturity Matrix

The Network Maturity Matrix is designed to stimulate, inform and structure face to face discussions of network members around 8 key dimensions of effective networks.

The value from using the Matrix comes from the discussion it stimulates, rather than the absolutes or “scores”.

Use the matrix model to drive the progress of your network, measuring your current levels against designated targeted levels.

Health Scorecard
Network Health Scorecard Survey

The Network Health Scorecard is a validated on-line survey for your members, which explores key dimensions of network purpose, function and form.

This tool is a virtual device and therefore can be particularly valuable for networks that are geographically distributed and/or where face-to-face contact may be limited.

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Network Diagnostics

We have developed a dynamic set of tools for you to use with your network, to understand how your network is developing and where you and your colleague members need to focus your collective attention and effort, to ensure that you have the best chance of achieving your purpose and aims.

For you to get the best out of these tools you will need to register to our site and join or create a network.

How to use the diagnostics tools

This set of tools is valuable for networks that are seeking to deepen their understandings of their development needs and improve their impact against their agreed and stated purpose.

There are three diagnostic tools for networks to use. The diagnostics provide feedback to the whole network stimulating agreement on any changes the network members and leaders choose to make. They are designed to be repeated so that the network can adapt, comparing scores over time. The tools are designed to be discussed with a representative group of members in a workshop, where you agree on what the diagnostics together say about where you should focus your developmental efforts this year.

Please note: The Network Maturity Model and Network Health Scorecard tools are designed for use by existing and established networks that wish to reflect upon and review how they are working. They are not especially suitable for newly formed networks. The dimensions within each tool can be a guide for new networks as they design their form and function.

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It is important to note that the real value of using all these tools comes from the dialogue and discussion they stimulate, rather than absolute statements or “scores” that they generate.
Before using the tools you will need to consider:

  • How will the results be shared amongst those who participate?
  • How best to facilitate the dialogue amongst network members?
  • What resources might be needed to support the actions that will emerge?

We have created a downloadable folder with all the diagnostic tools. The next few pages will provide guidance for each step as you work your way through the toolkit.

Before you start undertaking the diagnostics

This video takes you briefly through every stage of the Diagnostics toolkit and will help you prepare your timeline.

So, to get started you first need to look through the diagnostics and design your own project timetable using these steps below (note: the minimum time for all steps is usually 6 months)
The network leader reviews the timeline for completing the diagnostics and schedules the diagnostics in this order:

  1. The Network Leader completes the core questionnaire (you can do this right now).
  2. Convene a meeting of a small group of network members and complete the Network Maturity Matrix (we suggest month 1).
  3. Decide the Network Health Scorecard Survey distribution and completion dates (suggest 2 weeks from distribution to completion) (we suggest month 1-2).
  4. Pull off your final diagnostics report and share it with your network.
  5. Schedule and invite members to a half-day Network Workshop to review the results (we suggest month 4) and agree action.

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