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  4. Tuesday, 19 February 2019
Hi everyone
This Q&A Discussion space is for generating responses to overall questions about networks, looking to engage the wisdom of the crowd and also to have answers moderated.

For specific questions about a network or aspects related to the DEN4CI course such as coaching circles etc you can either

  • post into your network (e.g LeNs for DEN4CI) or your coaching circle (DEN4CI)
  • post onto the general 'Network Together' area

Thanks all
Hello S4N members. It's been a while since we actively l connected with you all on the Platform and hope that you are all staying safe and well during these really challenging times.
Recognizing the important role that our networks and connections play, this week we will be e spending some time on the platform sharing some of the support resources that we consider are most helpful at this time..." leading a network through a pandemic". To help you to get the most from this platform, and build your "peer to peer" connections for support, we encourage you to - 1.update your profile to include the name and purpose of your network; 2. Connect with two other S4N members to share resources, stories, and network ideas; 3. Take some time to view the "one a day" hero resources that we will post .. quickly accessible. bit-sized thoughts, tools tips! So let's get started ...look forward to connecting with you think a week - Liz, Sophie, and Georgie ‏
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