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  4. Thursday, 11 October 2018
Hi everyone,
we have created a series of short videos to help people navigate the platform. They are all loaded up on the Resource page.

The first provides a basic overview of S4N http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/225-welcome-to-source4networks

The 2nd video shows some of the functionality within the Community space http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/227-welcome-to-source4networks-the-community-space

3rd one shows functions within a network http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/228-welcome-to-source4networks-networks

4th simply introduces the diagnostics - for which there is lots more guidance on the Diagnostics page http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/229-welcome-to-source4networks-diagnostics
  1. http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/225-welcome-to-source4networks
  2. http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/227-welcome-to-source4networks-the-community-space
  3. http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/228-welcome-to-source4networks-networks
  4. http://source4networks.org.uk/resources/intelligence/229-welcome-to-source4networks-diagnostics
  1. Cockburn Rob
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we did have a question 'offline' as to whether its possible to filter people by their place of work, interests etc.
At present the profile for people is very straightforward and doesn't provide any of this information - and we would have to check data protection rules to see if such information should be posted out on a public platform.

However, I would suggest the best way to approach this is to post into the Community space and ask the appropriate questions - is there anyone working in the XYZ area or Trust etc.? Are there people here interested in ,e.g. clinical networks or whatever.
If you do have a specific interest in a particular area of work - or want to network geographically - then why not set up a network. Once you have done that you could post in the Community saying you have done so, provide the network name and ask people to join you.
Chose the approach you are comfortable with and have a go!
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Lynnette Lee
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Thanks Rob - the videos are really good - interesting and informative :D
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