Source4Networks update

Dear colleagues,
Liz MB2 I’m writing to you with some news about the Source4Networks platform.

Since we launched Source4Networks along with London South Bank University back in 2017, I’ve been proud of what we’ve achieved through the platform. It’s become a leading hub of knowledge and resources on networks, hosting thousands of articles, videos, case studies and thought pieces. It’s also become an important place for people to share and connect, lending each other their expertise and ideas. 

However, as with most things, the time comes for change, and Source4Networks is no different. From now, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHS EI) will no longer be involved in running the platform and it will be run solely by London South Bank University. 

If you need any support for your networks from NHS EI, or you have any inquiries, please do get in touch with me at

Best wishes,
Liz Maddocks-Brown
Senior Manager, Network Development
NHS England and NHS Improvement

How to use the Source4Networks website - blog 1

This is the first of several blogs which cover how to use the new source 4 networks website. 

Carol Read RN/MSc

The role of network leadership is challenging and exciting, bringing together a community of individuals to make change happen and stimulate best practice.  What this website will share is the work of others in similar roles across health, social care, charity and independent sectors through case studies, intelligence, thought pieces and provide a suite of diagnostic tools to help your network fly.  It would be great if you could join us on the journey and help build the resources through case studies, intelligence and blogging about your experience. Contact the team through the website and tell us your story.

The website has been put together based on good practice, learning from other websites and by user-centred design. Furthermore we constantly strive to make this site the best possible resource for network leaders and welcome your constructive feedback and suggestions for additional content.

The home page

Everyone will be at different stages in their journey as a network leader, therefore it is worth reviewing the video on the home page to gain understanding of the concept of network leadership.

The twitter feed is live on the front page where you can follow us @source4networks. We will be running tweet chats which can contribute to continuous professional development (CPD).  The first one will be on the 31st July when we consider ‘what do we understand about the role of the network leader?’  We Nurses will be supporting our tweet chats and if you have not been involved in one before it is worth checking out their helpful guide.

The link to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) is where you will the answers to questions asked so far.  If you register on this page we will send updates on the website and you can add your questions too.

The next blog will take you through the learning space and resources pages.

Leading Networks

Leading Networks is becoming a vital skill for health care leaders across the health system, in ICS and of course in the new Primary Care Networks. This video introduces you to Leading in Networks. You can find out more in our Learning Space.

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Here you will find case studies, and the latest intelligence on networks, as well as events for network leaders.


Do you have a question about how to organise your network? Maybe you want to share some great practice?

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Use our dynamic set of tools with your network, to understand how your network is developing and where to improve.