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    Here you will find the latest intelligence on networks, you can connect to other health and social care networks in a learning community, you can access resources that help you ‘take the temperature’ of your network and decide how you can be even more effective by seeing what other networks are doing, and provide you with ‘know how’ to help you make the best contribution to your network.
  • Networks and Covid-19

    Networks and Covid-19

    The pandemic requires both crisis management and adaptive network leadership. The changes we need to make to secure the health of our population are reliant on collaborative working between health and care organisations and with the public. If ever network leadership was needed it's now. Keep in touch with your network through the S4N Community


  • Source4Networks Monthly Resources Topics

    Source4Networks Monthly Resources Topics

    Every month we'll share new knowledge and intelligence through our Resources page
    MARCH: Integrated Care Systems
    APRIL: Collaborating in systems that are challenged
    MAY: Securing resilience in network partners and members
    JUNE: Governance and shared accountability
    JULY: Reducing demand by collaborating with communities
    AUGUST: Securing systemic quality improvement through a network approach
  • A Networked World

    A Networked World

    ‘In a complex and increasingly connected world, movements and networks are cornerstones of the organizational strategy of the future. They are the best way to bring about massive, scalable and sustained social impact.’
    Brown (2015)
  • Networks are Growing

    Networks are Growing

    ‘Becoming familiar with the power of networks and the skills in leading networks is critical for any leader now. In our world of ambiguity, complexity and variation, we need networks more than ever. They will bring clarity to complexity. They will bring capacity to deal with uncertainty and help sense-making.’
    Prof Rob Webster, Chief Exec, South West Yorkshire Partnerships NHS Foundation Trust.(2016)
  • Developing Networks that Work

    Developing Networks that Work

    ‘Networks are really becoming a cultural meme in their own right. We could even argue, is this the birth of a new movement, is this the birth of ‘networkism’?”
    Manuel Lima (2012)
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Source4Networks update

Dear colleagues,
Liz MB2 I’m writing to you with some news about the Source4Networks platform.

Since we launched Source4Networks along with London South Bank University back in 2017, I’ve been proud of what we’ve achieved through the platform. It’s become a leading hub of knowledge and resources on networks, hosting thousands of articles, videos, case studies and thought pieces. It’s also become an important place for people to share and connect, lending each other their expertise and ideas. 

However, as with most things, the time comes for change, and Source4Networks is no different. From now, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHS EI) will no longer be involved in running the platform and it will be run solely by London South Bank University. 

If you need any support for your networks from NHS EI, or you have any inquiries, please do get in touch with me at

Best wishes,
Liz Maddocks-Brown
Senior Manager, Network Development
NHS England and NHS Improvement

Welcome to Source4Networks, a free platform committed to curating and sharing the most comprehensive and best knowledge around network leadership in health, social care and charity sectors. Building on the first toolkit, we have co-designed the new platform with users working at the cutting edge of network leadership from a range of specialities.  You can find out more about how to use this site here and how to set up your network here.

We want the platform to continue to resonate with individuals leading networks, share the latest academic research and reflect current practice through practical case studies. The platform will be continually developing to accommodate that fast paced nature of network leadership. Explore, digest, comment and share your learning through the platform.

Join the growing international community of practice around network leadership and make a difference to health and social care today.

Leading Networks

Leading Networks is becoming a vital skill for health care leaders across the health system, in ICS and of course in the new Primary Care Networks. This video introduces you to Leading in Networks. You can find out more in our Learning Space.

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