What is the source4networks platform?

Take a look at the information on our home page and if you’re still not sure email us on or call on 020 7815 8045.

Who looks after the source4networks platform?

The Sustainable Improvement team, NHS England manage the platform and host network leadership events. Contact details can be found here.

Who can join the source4networks platform?

Anyone with a passion for network leadership and improving patient care! You can be from a health or social care organisation, education, research, third sector or a service user.  Everyone is welcome to share their knowledge and experience of networks.

How do I join the source4networks platform?

Register an account through the S4N community page, this will give you access to our Q&A section, our social network feed as well as updates on content and exciting events.

What is the best browser to view the platform?

Chrome or Firefox work the best for this site but we also support IE back to version 10.

I am having problems navigating the website

Contact us by email or telephone and we will try to resolve your issue. Contact details can be found here.

You didn’t answer my question here and I found my own workaround. Do you want to know?

Yes please! email with your solution and we will update the site to share with others.  Alternative contact options can be found here.
Thank you in advance for your feedback.